Friday, March 20, 2009

For such a long time that people were asking me when I am going to take my baby out of the house. I mean, to have a little walk all over town. I answered, "If we don't have 25 degrees temperature, I would. Then finally today, we reached 57 on the scale. I took my baby out for the first time for a walk. It's still chilly out but Goddy, Saqqara, and I enjoyed a little walk at the post office.

Here's my baby:
I can't believe how fast she grew up. They were all teasing me today that she's almost as big as me. She is a tall baby. There's nothing more I could ask for a baby, Saqqara is so behave. She sleeps all through the night and wakes me up just to drink her baba, that's all. She never fuss and she is just a perfect baby. Saqqara is only 5 months. She likes food!!! hehehe. Everytime we put food at the table, she is all excited. She could finish 12 bottles a day now...


Anonymous said...

Your baby looks really cute, angel. you are one lucky mom to have such a beautiful baby... and very proud too! :-)

i started my blog here in blogspot. i decided finally to quit yahoo360 and start in my blogspot.

have a wonderful day. it's very gloomy here right now. we're fixing to get rain again.

Anonymous said...

hi baby you are so adorable