Monday, March 30, 2009

You guys couldn't believe that it's almost spring suppose to be but we are still under the curse of icky yucky snow here in Montana. Just yesterday, we still have a terrible snow that you can't even see the road. We actually have 6 inches of snow yesterday and melted most of it today. When I got out of the house this early morning, it's 3 degrees Farenheight. Isn't that crazy? I am just tired of this winter and I just wanted to get out of my heavy clothing, heavy socks, heavy boots and heavy coat. I missed my bike, I missed just having a walk everyday out of the house.

A picture in front of our house, storm is coming!!!

But oh well, enough for this winter drama. I am just so tired of it. But on Wednesday, we will be going to Spokane. There's just important things to do down there. I am very excited to go to Filipino market and get a lot of longganisa!!! My husband is looking forward for tamarind candy. I missed itlog na pula too and almost 4 times a week in the Philippines, I have no abscence for that egg. Gosh, I remembered my mom getting mad at me for eating a lot for she said I'm killing my kidney. hehehe, I told her, well I got two of them, im only killing one... hahaha.

But after holy week, i am going to surprise my husband when we go back to the Philippines, I had my mom and dad prepare to have our house have a little bit of renovations. My husband doesn't know anything about my plan but I am just going to keep this as a big secret. Well, he doesn't read my blogs so he will never know. hahaha..i'm so bad.

Friday, March 20, 2009

For such a long time that people were asking me when I am going to take my baby out of the house. I mean, to have a little walk all over town. I answered, "If we don't have 25 degrees temperature, I would. Then finally today, we reached 57 on the scale. I took my baby out for the first time for a walk. It's still chilly out but Goddy, Saqqara, and I enjoyed a little walk at the post office.

Here's my baby:
I can't believe how fast she grew up. They were all teasing me today that she's almost as big as me. She is a tall baby. There's nothing more I could ask for a baby, Saqqara is so behave. She sleeps all through the night and wakes me up just to drink her baba, that's all. She never fuss and she is just a perfect baby. Saqqara is only 5 months. She likes food!!! hehehe. Everytime we put food at the table, she is all excited. She could finish 12 bottles a day now...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Surprised of what the American Idol last night, one of my girls' gone. It's the end of the road for Alexis. It seems like, Country music is so easy to sing if we listen to it, but in fact, it's really hard. It's a very complicated music and songs are just so difficult to immitate and also hard to personalize. I really don't like country music except Carrie Underwood's and Shania Twain's songs which are more interesting to listen to compared to some...arrggg...This is just my opinion but it's so hard to express sometimes.

Yesterday, Todd didn't go to work but instead he went with us grocery shopping. Thank God! We went to a lot of places, errands here and there. I am just very disappointed yesterday because I was going to get my state id card and there's just a lot of requirements! Grrrr!!! So we have to drive back there again in couple more weeks.

We are all excited to go to Spokane though. It's going to be a long, long trip but worth it. A lot to see on the road and most of all, I will have my teeth fix too!!! Which is really awesome. I'd been suffering for a year now and to know that my suffering will be over pretty soon, it's worth the wait.

I am planning to have a business on line but I'm still doing a feasibility and case study at the same time. There will be a lot of competition but oh well, this is my hobby and it's better show it to the world instead of keeping it all by myself and wearing them in order to coordinate with the color of my clothes!!! duh duh duh...Todd had been teasing me as a very color-coordinated person which is I'd been used to be doing since the time I could remember. Maybe it's just the up-bringing from my beloved Nanay.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I got hit by a terrible flu that made me really miserable for almost 4 days now. So are my kids. It's no joke to have this dreadful kind of thing and it sucks so bad. Good thing, I got this vicks humidifier. It really helped a lot.

It's not that I already forgot or abandoned my blogging, it's just that I'm so sick. I'll be back once again and start blogging a little bit better as soon as I get back on track.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

BillinGs Day

This is such a tiring day but we are all so excited to get a new car. One that will fit us all. hahaha. My husband ever since never ever liked a van or a minivan and I can see in his eyes everytime my mother-in-law and I talked about how good deals we can get for a van, it's like on fire. He didn't complained about what we wanted but I can sense that he hated it. He's always fond of a big suv's such as suburbans, anything but 4x4 trucks and suvs. I like big trucks too. I've always been telling him that I wanted a hummer!!! Hahaha. Gosh they're really bad in gas though.

But today, we got a ford expedition. Everybody liked it. We will all fit in. As long as he's happy we are all happy. I enjoyed riding it all the way home.

Car shopping is really exciting. Drive testing and making a deal with the car dealers is fun. But anyways, there was this one dealer that was really so anxious about how I and my husband met. He actually called me and told me that it was not really his business but he just wanted to know how we end up getting married and how he got me from the Philippines. So I told him all about it and he couldn't believe it. He said that he dated a Filipina when he was in college and remembered how she cooked him a very spicy chicken curry. Yummy!
But anyways, all of us are sick right now. There's this flu virus going around here. I just started feeling sick today. My throat hurts and I felt like getting a bad cough. My poor Sunshine is sick two days now. And so is little Goddy. It hurts to see that the kids are sick. I just couldn't take it. If only I could get whatever diseases they have, I would rather have it than see them suffering.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I couldn't believe it rained today. There's still snow outside but it rained. I was hoping that it's going to be spring pretty soon and summer is next. I just missed wearing short pants, sleeveless shirts, and walk around town or have a little run once in a while. I'm stuck with the cloud walker and "walk work-out video" for months now.

When I was pregnant, I was 135 lbs. I gave birth September and after I gave birth, I weighed 126 lbs when they weighed me at the hospital. October and November I weighed, 120 lbs. without diet. December, I weighed 118 lbs. January, I weighed 115. February I was down to 112. March...I still didn't weighed my self.

You know why?

Because I do not exercise anymore. :-)

I am so preoccupied with so much chores, cook, baby sitting, and just everything right now. I am I think kind of a little bit hyped up with so many plans that is blocking my goal for losing weight. Before I got pregnant on my first child, I only weighed 94 lbs. I kicked my ass off going to the gym to have extra pounds. I am 5'3 and I was really skinny. My gym workout paid off...I weighed 104 lbs. after 2 agonizing months. Then I got pregnant. I blew up and weighed 140 lbs. with my first child. And it was hard for me to go down after that. I was stuck at 110 no matter what.

I am still hoping to weight 104. But my mom said, it would be hard. Once you have your 2 children, sometimes, it gets to the point that losing weight is really a big problem. There would be a lot of hindrances in maintaining your goal to stay fit. I mean, I am not frustrated yet because I know I will exercise back again, I just missed 2 weeks, but it feels like something is missing when you don't exercise at all. I looked at my closet and all I can see right now were my winter clothes. It will be over soon and I hate to wear my summer clothes and have a lot of bulges!!! It's so disgusting!

But by the way, American Idol was not that exciting for me. Except that one of my girls sang but they didn't like her tonight. I still love her voice though!!!

My favorites in American Idol:




Monday, March 2, 2009

What Failure Means to Me

FAILURE - general refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective. It may be viewed as the opposite of success. (Wikepedia)
I was talking to somebody today and she told me about someone she knew how failure affected her family's life. While she was talking to me, it came to the point that I almost break down and tell about my failures...
As a little girl, I always cracked up the conversation on how I waned to be a nurse, drive my own white car, have a big house, and a lot of money in the bank. As a 6-year-old little one, my parents could not believe how I even think and dream of such a thing. I spent my younger years mostly with my grandma and my aunts and I felt like being a princess. They showered me with so much attention and spoiled me with all the things I wanted. Time passes by so fast that my parents together with my younger brother who was 3 years old that time finally settled down in one of the towns in Negros to where my grandparents lived. I was so surprise of the new chapter of my life. I didn't know what is going on. All I knew is that my father was included in the lay-offs of one of the big sugarcane company. He lost his job, his big salary, his reputation and his dream. As a purchaser, he would not accept any job that was below his level. He ended up having no job for 4 years.
Everything changed.
I used to be the favorite and one of my aunt have her first child. They forgot about me. Instead of staying at my grandma's house, I spent all my time with my parents that I was alienated at first. Then, little by little, I finally learned how the care and love of a mother is so much different compared to my aunts and my grandma. We lived in poverty as I can remember. I go to school with only 1 peso for my "baon" till I was in grade 4. In grade 5, it increase 2 pesos! It's pretty funny but it's true. I managed to have honors in my elementary years. I graduated at the rank of 3rd honor and that's quiet impressing for somebody who doesn't even donate a cent for school..hahaha. My mom won't even attend a meeting. She was really shy back those times.
There was one time that my dad and I joined a singing competition, he won and as a beginner, I landed the 3rd place. We all gave the money we won to my mom. That was for a month's budget. There was a time when my dad, my brother and I would ride his bike to go fishing for our food. Those were one of the unforgettable times of my life. 1990 when my younger sister was born. Couple of days she was born, a manager from a certain company dropped by our house and asked my dad if he needed a job. My dad nodded. That was the start of our new life. He landed a job as a clerk. We were so happy! My mother's Sunday masses and Wednesday's novenas paid off. God listened to her prayers.
In highschool, I was a scholar. Though I did not maintained being on top honors, I joined a lot of school activities. From 1st year to 4th year, I joined the chorale. We competed and I really enjoyed those years.
College. My uncle promised my dad that he will support for my education. I enrolled in La Salle. I was accepted in the Accountancy program. Though it really hurt me so bad because I wanted to be a nurse someday. That was because my dad think that I would become like his cousin that is earning 100,000 pesos a month as an accountant/manager. I really hated my course. I was thinking that I am going to fail my dad and my mom. I did not pursued accountancy. That broke my dad's heart. It's just it's hard for me to do things I don't want to do. Second year...I'm still confuse. I didn't know what course I'm going to take for majoring. And finally I landed on Business course. Business Management. I remembered how I used to have 2 terror professors. One professor failed almost 3/4 of the graduating students of my year. Thanks to our dean. She was awesome. But I am just thankful that no matter how hard accounting 101, 102, 103, 104 and 106 were, I passed them all. I graduated college at the age of 19.
Job hunting.
I am so young! :-( My age was not appropriate for the job. New comer, no experience.
After 2 weeks of looking, a good samaritan brought me to one of the big broadcasting network in the philippines. I don't like the job. When you are new, a lot of people would stepped down on you. I awoled... :-)
I end up helping my mom's friend with her business. When she went to USA; my mom, her daughter and I helped the business going. It was a non-profitable business. My grandma's sister helped me with my Masteral degree in Business Administration. But my dad's company opened a job for me. I ccouldn't keep up with my schedule. I just finished few credits.
I loved my job. I was a general clerk. I just loved a job that everything relied on me. I have the job for 3 years and I got pregnant. All my hopes and dreams are gone. As I thought so.
That's how I counted my FAILURE. I failed everything.
But I was wrong. That was the opening of a new chapter of my life. The chapter to when I'm going to meet the man to spend the rest of my life with.
I finally realized that Failure is just the beginning from an end. It makes a person tough and brave and stand as strong as they can. I learned from failure that success is behind those down moments of your life. If you only believe on yourself and won't give up, you will never fall on the ground. Just get up and make everything happen. Everything is never too late. There's always tomorrow and tomorrow is always brighter.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


A lot of people are asking me about what I think of Montana.

Montana is a very nice place. If you want a peaceful, humble life, Montana is a place to be. I'm not saying that "fashionistas, socialiraz, and trendsetters" are not welcome here, what I mean is Montana is more of a retirement place. There's a lot of ranchers, people wearing cowboy hats, cowboy boots; people that ride their horses and herding their cows; sheeps...Alpacas, Lamas and Kuvasz guarding the sheeps will be seen on some ranches. This is just the site you will never think you will ever see. There are times in our lives that we came to watched cowboy movies unexpectedly and they're all true. They still exists. It is so amazing to see them riding their horses. Looked back in the Philippines, "Haciendas". Just similar in so many ways.

There were couple of times that I went with my hubby to work and in one of the ranches, there were 2 Kuvasz guarding the gates. I just couldn't help my self but petted one of them. He is such a doll. All his life, he's been guarding goats and sheeps. They fight coyotes, foxes; scares mountain lions and might as well BEARS. Bears are everywhere here in Montana. The last time I heared from my hubby when he arrived home when I asked him how's the Kuvasz...he said the owner said "He's out there working." I felt bad and sorry which I think I should not feel but dogs are man's besfriend. This dogs are working hard to protect the sheeps and goats. But maybe, they're compensated fairly for their job. Just makes my heart bleed... :-(

Montana have beautiful views, a lot of nice state parks, a lot of fishing site and most of all a nice place to hike. It is usually called as the "Big Sky Country". Why not? All you can see is the vast area of the sky everywhere! With a land area of 145,552 square miles, Montana is the fourth largest state in the United States.

The only bad thing in Montana is winter. Winter here is so unpredictable. We got a lot of below freezing temperatures and it really gets in your bones. My husband always tell me that I should be thankful compared to other states that have more snow than we have here, but oh my...who wants snow anyways?

By the way, for all of you who wants to see Montana, just go to

I just don't want to paste copyrighted pictures in my site so just being careful, just go to there beautiful website and explore Montana.