Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another day

Today I got my new notebook. I love it. I could finally not use my droid surfing the internet all the time. It's just that I am not comfortable of sitting in front of the desktop computer anymore. I like it when I could just sit on my bed, lean against the wall, or taking the notebook by the couch while watching my favorite shows.

In the afternoon, I have to get my little boy from school and take him to the store with me. I happened to find a nice pair of sterling silver earrings which has a nice garnet gemstone. I did not have second thoughts and bought it. I ended up giving it to my mother-in-law because she love garnets. And simple at the grocery, we have the ice cream galore! Goddy's so excited about the ice cream cups and cones.

I don't think there's new episode for CHOPPED, one of the cooking show I love next to Hell's Kitchen. Our second tv has to record my favorite tuesday show NO ORDINARY FAMILY, a family that possessed powers: Speed, strength/bullet proof, mind reader/manipulator, and super brain. To our surprised, there's an American Idol tonight! I just love Steven Perry. I think he is so funny.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

After 2 Years...

Well what can I say this time? I'd been gone for almost 2 years and now, all of a sudden I am so back! I just have nothing much to talk about my life the past 2 years I guess. Except that my hubby got us a corvette for our 3rd year anniversary, which mostly is in the storage because of our weather, and another is that my hubby got a new pick-up this year, (he likes cars!!!) the rest is just all about my kids. Gosh, they grew up so fast! My little boy who is again a pre-school this year already knows how to read and my little girl who is 2 years old is throwing a hell out of her brother...oh my golly wow! My house is a total chaos!

Anyways, the last blog I believed I posted was about the work I got as a CNA. I got a 99% grade both on our class and training...No wonder why they hired me right away. Just after a week of being at home, the nursing home called me and gave me a beautiful work. Oh I enjoyed it. So much! The worst part is that I have to be away from my kids. I have to travel about 2 hours which is about 120 miles away from my home to the city where I work twice every week. Well I rented an apartment and that really caused one of the trouble why I have to quit my job. There was that one lady who was such a lunatic that lives beside my apartment. She screams all the time!!! But mostly, it's not just all about the apartment but also my kids. I felt bad I had to leave them to my mother-in-law and she got really sick that time so there's nothing I could do but to file a resignation right away. That's the end of my career. If ever I am going to go back to the healthcare department again, I believe I have to get all my kids in school all day so I can take the time to get the job and don't worry about my kids.

Right now, I am working as a subteacher. I enjoyed working with kids. Aside from that, I am still living is this cold, stormy, snow-belt-town here in Montana. Yes! There's nothing I can do with that..I guess..