Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I couldn't believe it rained today. There's still snow outside but it rained. I was hoping that it's going to be spring pretty soon and summer is next. I just missed wearing short pants, sleeveless shirts, and walk around town or have a little run once in a while. I'm stuck with the cloud walker and "walk work-out video" for months now.

When I was pregnant, I was 135 lbs. I gave birth September and after I gave birth, I weighed 126 lbs when they weighed me at the hospital. October and November I weighed, 120 lbs. without diet. December, I weighed 118 lbs. January, I weighed 115. February I was down to 112. March...I still didn't weighed my self.

You know why?

Because I do not exercise anymore. :-)

I am so preoccupied with so much chores, cook, baby sitting, and just everything right now. I am I think kind of a little bit hyped up with so many plans that is blocking my goal for losing weight. Before I got pregnant on my first child, I only weighed 94 lbs. I kicked my ass off going to the gym to have extra pounds. I am 5'3 and I was really skinny. My gym workout paid off...I weighed 104 lbs. after 2 agonizing months. Then I got pregnant. I blew up and weighed 140 lbs. with my first child. And it was hard for me to go down after that. I was stuck at 110 no matter what.

I am still hoping to weight 104. But my mom said, it would be hard. Once you have your 2 children, sometimes, it gets to the point that losing weight is really a big problem. There would be a lot of hindrances in maintaining your goal to stay fit. I mean, I am not frustrated yet because I know I will exercise back again, I just missed 2 weeks, but it feels like something is missing when you don't exercise at all. I looked at my closet and all I can see right now were my winter clothes. It will be over soon and I hate to wear my summer clothes and have a lot of bulges!!! It's so disgusting!

But by the way, American Idol was not that exciting for me. Except that one of my girls sang but they didn't like her tonight. I still love her voice though!!!

My favorites in American Idol:




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