Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another day

Today I got my new notebook. I love it. I could finally not use my droid surfing the internet all the time. It's just that I am not comfortable of sitting in front of the desktop computer anymore. I like it when I could just sit on my bed, lean against the wall, or taking the notebook by the couch while watching my favorite shows.

In the afternoon, I have to get my little boy from school and take him to the store with me. I happened to find a nice pair of sterling silver earrings which has a nice garnet gemstone. I did not have second thoughts and bought it. I ended up giving it to my mother-in-law because she love garnets. And simple at the grocery, we have the ice cream galore! Goddy's so excited about the ice cream cups and cones.

I don't think there's new episode for CHOPPED, one of the cooking show I love next to Hell's Kitchen. Our second tv has to record my favorite tuesday show NO ORDINARY FAMILY, a family that possessed powers: Speed, strength/bullet proof, mind reader/manipulator, and super brain. To our surprised, there's an American Idol tonight! I just love Steven Perry. I think he is so funny.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

After 2 Years...

Well what can I say this time? I'd been gone for almost 2 years and now, all of a sudden I am so back! I just have nothing much to talk about my life the past 2 years I guess. Except that my hubby got us a corvette for our 3rd year anniversary, which mostly is in the storage because of our weather, and another is that my hubby got a new pick-up this year, (he likes cars!!!) the rest is just all about my kids. Gosh, they grew up so fast! My little boy who is again a pre-school this year already knows how to read and my little girl who is 2 years old is throwing a hell out of her brother...oh my golly wow! My house is a total chaos!

Anyways, the last blog I believed I posted was about the work I got as a CNA. I got a 99% grade both on our class and training...No wonder why they hired me right away. Just after a week of being at home, the nursing home called me and gave me a beautiful work. Oh I enjoyed it. So much! The worst part is that I have to be away from my kids. I have to travel about 2 hours which is about 120 miles away from my home to the city where I work twice every week. Well I rented an apartment and that really caused one of the trouble why I have to quit my job. There was that one lady who was such a lunatic that lives beside my apartment. She screams all the time!!! But mostly, it's not just all about the apartment but also my kids. I felt bad I had to leave them to my mother-in-law and she got really sick that time so there's nothing I could do but to file a resignation right away. That's the end of my career. If ever I am going to go back to the healthcare department again, I believe I have to get all my kids in school all day so I can take the time to get the job and don't worry about my kids.

Right now, I am working as a subteacher. I enjoyed working with kids. Aside from that, I am still living is this cold, stormy, snow-belt-town here in Montana. Yes! There's nothing I can do with that..I guess..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm going back to School

It's been a long abscence for me here. But it doesn't mean I already have forgotten about my blogging.

I'd been busy looking for job. Jobs that I thought would make me happy. As a General Clerk back then, I felt a little bit uneasy about thinking of going back to work on the same position. I tried to submitt applications to different companies, some responded. I'd been interviewed 2 times but I felt of not liking the job because it's only part-time. I'm looking for a full-permanent job and it was so hard to find one during this time.

The 2nd week of June when I submitted an application for a state job. I haven't heared from them for so long and I finally think that they already got a candidate. Anyways, since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a nurse. But my parents can't afford to send me to school back then. Here in the United States, I know that going to college cost a lot. So I was just talking to my mother-in-law about going back to school and be a nurse and she was telling me about her experiences as an LPN in a nursing home. Hmmm?????.....NURSING HOME??? That gave me a big idea about my dream of becoming a nurse. I tried couple of Nursing homes in Montana to where I could go to class to be a Nursing Assistant. Both replied. But only one is very near to my location.

I submitted an application last week and after 2 days they called me to set an appointment for my interview. The interview day was yesterday. But Monday, the state job called for my interview!!! I was so sad!!! It's a government job and it's a good paying job. I'd been looking forward to work but...I also thought, heck...I already forgot all about it. The Nursing Home called me first for an interview for a class so I would rather go for the training. I was interviewed yesterday and got called the same day to be one of the six students for a free training among other applicants.

I am so very happy!!!

This would be the start of my new experiences in the healthcare field that I often wonder what it feels like to be a part of it. I am so excited.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!!!
Actually, I am really felt so bad about myself being absent for a long period. The reason is that, I am busy studying for my driver's test. It did paid off. I passed my written and actual test at the very same day. I took my test yesterday and my hubby accompanied me. I am really so scared while walking at the DMV's office. Shaking and just not like myself. I actually woke up early because I couldn't sleep the night before. Just tossing and turning on our bed. My hubby kept on telling me not to worry about it because I will pass. But still, I'm not really confident and sure about myself.
I knew how to drive really good but it still scare the hell out-of-me thinking what the test could be. I couldn't believed that the test that came out were the ones I'd been studying. I'm so happy with the result. I got one mistake out of 33 questions. For the actual driving, I only got 1 point mistake too, PARALLEL PARKING!!! ugghhh...I was so off the curb. hehehehe.
But it's finally over. I already have driver's license and won't be scared of cops anymore!!!!! Thank God!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My diet plan that really paid off!!!

I can't believe my eyes when I stood on the scale today. I weighed 107 lbs.!!! My diet had paid off.

When I was pregnant, I weighed 135 lbs. After I gave birth, I weighed 125. Three months later 118. It's so hard to accept the fact that am getting to hate myself because of that. But it didn't made me feel frustrated to exercise and diet. I bought Leslie Sanson's walk for mile and Abs Blaster. Then I started dieting really bad.

For Breakfast:
*A glass of water
*Weight control oatmeal with 3/4 cup 2% milk
*a cup of instant coffee

For Lunch:
*Slimfast in can

For Snack:
1 tablespoon of peanut butter

For Dinner:
*A whole can of Campbell's soup (come in variety)

For Midnight snack:
*Fat-free pudding

Exercise: 1 hour a day

That's it!!! When you look at it, it seems not enjoyable to it isn't it? But it did paid off. Now I'm hoping to be down to 100 lbs. in less than a month!!! Pray for me...hehehehe

Monday, March 30, 2009

You guys couldn't believe that it's almost spring suppose to be but we are still under the curse of icky yucky snow here in Montana. Just yesterday, we still have a terrible snow that you can't even see the road. We actually have 6 inches of snow yesterday and melted most of it today. When I got out of the house this early morning, it's 3 degrees Farenheight. Isn't that crazy? I am just tired of this winter and I just wanted to get out of my heavy clothing, heavy socks, heavy boots and heavy coat. I missed my bike, I missed just having a walk everyday out of the house.

A picture in front of our house, storm is coming!!!

But oh well, enough for this winter drama. I am just so tired of it. But on Wednesday, we will be going to Spokane. There's just important things to do down there. I am very excited to go to Filipino market and get a lot of longganisa!!! My husband is looking forward for tamarind candy. I missed itlog na pula too and almost 4 times a week in the Philippines, I have no abscence for that egg. Gosh, I remembered my mom getting mad at me for eating a lot for she said I'm killing my kidney. hehehe, I told her, well I got two of them, im only killing one... hahaha.

But after holy week, i am going to surprise my husband when we go back to the Philippines, I had my mom and dad prepare to have our house have a little bit of renovations. My husband doesn't know anything about my plan but I am just going to keep this as a big secret. Well, he doesn't read my blogs so he will never know. hahaha..i'm so bad.

Friday, March 20, 2009

For such a long time that people were asking me when I am going to take my baby out of the house. I mean, to have a little walk all over town. I answered, "If we don't have 25 degrees temperature, I would. Then finally today, we reached 57 on the scale. I took my baby out for the first time for a walk. It's still chilly out but Goddy, Saqqara, and I enjoyed a little walk at the post office.

Here's my baby:
I can't believe how fast she grew up. They were all teasing me today that she's almost as big as me. She is a tall baby. There's nothing more I could ask for a baby, Saqqara is so behave. She sleeps all through the night and wakes me up just to drink her baba, that's all. She never fuss and she is just a perfect baby. Saqqara is only 5 months. She likes food!!! hehehe. Everytime we put food at the table, she is all excited. She could finish 12 bottles a day now...