Friday, February 27, 2009

JusT AnoTheR Day

Since everyone knew how I liked American Idol, my favorite gal made it last night. She had an amazing voice and I knew she will make it. But for that, hail to the voters!!!
It's just kind of funny though because other mothers like me who have a 5-month-old baby were staying awake during the night because their babies won't let them go to their happy land, but me, I stayed wide awake because of the Filipino Channel...My hubby thinks I'm so funny. I just make sure that I won't wake him up during the night since he goes to work so freakin' early everyday.
Today is just a boring day for me. I've done all my chores and there's just nothing to do. It's cold out about 28 degrees F out and who wants to get cold. I thought, winter will be over since we were blessed to have a week of sunny day. As in the snow melted all the way. The roads were totally bare from snow and it's just an amazing sight not to see any white at all. I still hate snow, I hate winter. Thick clothes, thick coats, boots and just everything to keep me warm. It's so heavy and I really hated it. I just can't wait for the day to come and would make me say..."Thank God it's summer!!!"...
On the other hand, it makes me happy to see my BBBox almost full. I can't wait to send it to the Philippines next month. There's a lot of things that I am still thinking to get but if I can't though, there's always the next time. Anyways, we will be going back next year. And also, I still have another extra box kept at the storage to be ship anytime.
I missed Philippines so bad. Missed the humidity, missed the people, missed everything. I mean, other people would say, how lucky Filipinas to get here in the United States. To be honest, I never had any plans of going here or marry an American. It's just maybe, it's my destiny. I mean, it is also my choice by all means but the choice I made led me to my destiny. Maybe it's just it. It's God's will, and I make it happen.
Well, I'm blessed with beautiful kids. Motherhood indeed is such a beautiful thing. I used to be the one asking for something to eat, clothes to wear, and toys to play. But now, when I hear my boy asking me for something, it's the best thing that a mother will ever feel that you can give your kid something that you can give. It's like they depend on you for everything. And when they look at you on your eyes and say "I love you Mama", it feels like your heart will stop beating and all you can do is pick them up and hug them as tightly as you can. That's why I just couldn't stop crying last night when I remembered my Mom. I missed her so bad. It's not going to be long, I will see her again!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last night's American Idol was fantastic. I am not really sure what would be the outcome of the third group after last night's idol performances, but I think last night was great compared to the first group last week. My favorite girl, Allison Iraheta is only 16 years old. But holy dear, her voice is so amazing. She sang a HEART song and it is really hard. I think she is really cool. I am just hoping she'll make it through tonight.

Survivor is on too so we are going to record it. We are just fanatics of this reality and competition shows. And aside from that, it's going to be Hell's Kitchen too after American Idol. Oh my, my...that Chef Ramsay indeed is a good chef. Known for his "F" word and would totally embarrass somebody that would not meet his standard. I'm so sorry for those cooks but the price is worth it for all those cussing and embarrasment they received from him.

I think I have to end right now since American Idol is already starting. I don't want to miss it so I could have more to talk about tomorrow! :-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yet today is just another day. Before I finally retire from excessive excitement and overwhelming happiness today, I am going to freshen my mind of today's activities.

First, I finally had my one desire of all since the time I arrived here in the United States. I got the Filipino Channel already. For 2 years, I have waited patiently and here I got it. I just can't wait to see how everything changed from the tv network since I left Philippines. I was so surprised that the Direct TV has the International programming already. So we are such a wasteful people actually, we got 2 dish networks and direct tv satellites. Well, I think it's a little bit fair for me anyways, they got to watch their favorite shows, why can't I? So every single wait and patience had been paid off. Gosh! I got to see Saicy Aguilar on Wowoweee! I can't believe it. I was just like yesterday that we were talking at the van when her ex partner in dancesport was dancing on one of the production of an alumni homecoming. We were so cropped up inside the van that she burst out laughing and cracked jokes. She was indeed a pretty girl, a good dancer, REALLY A GOOD BALLROOM DANCER! When she was in Bacolod still, she was already known for her talent in dancing especially that she's with a team of great dancesport competitors down there. My sister really liked her so much that she even imitates her when she competed for one of the dancesport competition back then. I remembered when she danced with my barkadas and we got to talk once in a while and she really teases people a lot. But I'm happy for her. She indeed did her best and she deserved it.

Another thing today was, my hubby got another phone. He got tired of using his blackberry phone and said that it's just not for him so he ordered a Samsung Flipshot Red! It's cool though, but I won't give up my blackberry, won't even give it up for an iphone...

Today's American Idol, I love it. As what I was expecting for to got in, that blonde girl, I forgot her name but she is totally awesome! I hope she's going to make it at the end. Simon is really harsh on his judgement but I like him. He's so honest and not phoney at all. I mean, this is a singing competition and the singers deserved to be criticized no matter what. But another thing is, I think the judgement on this show is kind of unfair though. I hope they would do the judgement like 50-50, 50% for the voting and 50% for the judges' judgement. I mean, what if the worst of all the worst will win? Even he/she is out of tune it's just ok for him/her to win the title of American Idol? It's just unfair. But oh well, i'm not the producer, it's just an opinion though.

But thinking about tomorrow, it's going to be grocery shopping to which I hated a lot. It's just tiring and it's absolutely excruciating. I have to leave that thinking behind. Till tomorrow! Ciao!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Post Valentine Mania

Yes Indeed was the Valentines day is one of the happiest day of my life for the entire year! It's because the next day is our anniversary. So for now, I am happily married for two years and still going strong. There may be some arguments but it's part of married life.

So we started off late in the morning for our so called "Date" for the first time, me and Todd has to leave the house without the kids. That's a little bit of relief. But all of the time, I'd been thinking "How are kids? How are they doing?". Thinking on the other side anyways, I told myself, this is our pre-anniversary celebration so BEHAVE!!!

We went to Billings-is the largest city in the in the state of Montana, I mean it just makes me happy to be out of the house once in a while. We headed first to H&R Block to process our tax return, "Big Deal". It's been a week now since Todd and I were thinking of have my hair cut or not. But gosh! Try to think of having a 4-month-old baby and likes to pull your hair all the time? I have my hair up to my waist and it is just hard! So I think it is a final decision to have it cut. Oh my my!!!

So have to wait for my turn for almost one and a half hour...that tested Todd's patience for instance. And to tell you, I was so surprised to get back in the car with a big stuff dog and big hershey's chocolates waiting for me on the passenger side of the car. How sweet! He even got me a wristwatch. hehehehe.

I just got him a Betty boop collector's mug and Gosh only God knows how he loved Betty Boop stuffs and that really freaked him out when he opened his gift. And guess where we eat for our dinner date? My favorite REd LobSter!!! Oh my! I have to fed up my self with a feast of 3 orders, "The Stuff Flounder", "Shrimp Scampi", and the "Wood Grilled Salmon"!!! Having not to say about 4 cheddar garlic biscuits and an appetizer of stuff mushrooms!!!Yummy!!!!!

There's just nothing fancy after all. I like to be spoiled once in a while but surely I am, a very THRIFTY person. You want to take me to a fancy restaurant? I'd say: "How much" not "do they taste good?" hehehe

Valentines day indeed was a happy event. Got to be with my hubby and I got him solo, he got me solo. me and him for a day! Yes that's a big deal!