Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yet today is just another day. Before I finally retire from excessive excitement and overwhelming happiness today, I am going to freshen my mind of today's activities.

First, I finally had my one desire of all since the time I arrived here in the United States. I got the Filipino Channel already. For 2 years, I have waited patiently and here I got it. I just can't wait to see how everything changed from the tv network since I left Philippines. I was so surprised that the Direct TV has the International programming already. So we are such a wasteful people actually, we got 2 dish networks and direct tv satellites. Well, I think it's a little bit fair for me anyways, they got to watch their favorite shows, why can't I? So every single wait and patience had been paid off. Gosh! I got to see Saicy Aguilar on Wowoweee! I can't believe it. I was just like yesterday that we were talking at the van when her ex partner in dancesport was dancing on one of the production of an alumni homecoming. We were so cropped up inside the van that she burst out laughing and cracked jokes. She was indeed a pretty girl, a good dancer, REALLY A GOOD BALLROOM DANCER! When she was in Bacolod still, she was already known for her talent in dancing especially that she's with a team of great dancesport competitors down there. My sister really liked her so much that she even imitates her when she competed for one of the dancesport competition back then. I remembered when she danced with my barkadas and we got to talk once in a while and she really teases people a lot. But I'm happy for her. She indeed did her best and she deserved it.

Another thing today was, my hubby got another phone. He got tired of using his blackberry phone and said that it's just not for him so he ordered a Samsung Flipshot Red! It's cool though, but I won't give up my blackberry, won't even give it up for an iphone...

Today's American Idol, I love it. As what I was expecting for to got in, that blonde girl, I forgot her name but she is totally awesome! I hope she's going to make it at the end. Simon is really harsh on his judgement but I like him. He's so honest and not phoney at all. I mean, this is a singing competition and the singers deserved to be criticized no matter what. But another thing is, I think the judgement on this show is kind of unfair though. I hope they would do the judgement like 50-50, 50% for the voting and 50% for the judges' judgement. I mean, what if the worst of all the worst will win? Even he/she is out of tune it's just ok for him/her to win the title of American Idol? It's just unfair. But oh well, i'm not the producer, it's just an opinion though.

But thinking about tomorrow, it's going to be grocery shopping to which I hated a lot. It's just tiring and it's absolutely excruciating. I have to leave that thinking behind. Till tomorrow! Ciao!

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