Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last night's American Idol was fantastic. I am not really sure what would be the outcome of the third group after last night's idol performances, but I think last night was great compared to the first group last week. My favorite girl, Allison Iraheta is only 16 years old. But holy dear, her voice is so amazing. She sang a HEART song and it is really hard. I think she is really cool. I am just hoping she'll make it through tonight.

Survivor is on too so we are going to record it. We are just fanatics of this reality and competition shows. And aside from that, it's going to be Hell's Kitchen too after American Idol. Oh my, my...that Chef Ramsay indeed is a good chef. Known for his "F" word and would totally embarrass somebody that would not meet his standard. I'm so sorry for those cooks but the price is worth it for all those cussing and embarrasment they received from him.

I think I have to end right now since American Idol is already starting. I don't want to miss it so I could have more to talk about tomorrow! :-)

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