Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Post Valentine Mania

Yes Indeed was the Valentines day is one of the happiest day of my life for the entire year! It's because the next day is our anniversary. So for now, I am happily married for two years and still going strong. There may be some arguments but it's part of married life.

So we started off late in the morning for our so called "Date" for the first time, me and Todd has to leave the house without the kids. That's a little bit of relief. But all of the time, I'd been thinking "How are kids? How are they doing?". Thinking on the other side anyways, I told myself, this is our pre-anniversary celebration so BEHAVE!!!

We went to Billings-is the largest city in the in the state of Montana, I mean it just makes me happy to be out of the house once in a while. We headed first to H&R Block to process our tax return, "Big Deal". It's been a week now since Todd and I were thinking of have my hair cut or not. But gosh! Try to think of having a 4-month-old baby and likes to pull your hair all the time? I have my hair up to my waist and it is just hard! So I think it is a final decision to have it cut. Oh my my!!!

So have to wait for my turn for almost one and a half hour...that tested Todd's patience for instance. And to tell you, I was so surprised to get back in the car with a big stuff dog and big hershey's chocolates waiting for me on the passenger side of the car. How sweet! He even got me a wristwatch. hehehehe.

I just got him a Betty boop collector's mug and Gosh only God knows how he loved Betty Boop stuffs and that really freaked him out when he opened his gift. And guess where we eat for our dinner date? My favorite REd LobSter!!! Oh my! I have to fed up my self with a feast of 3 orders, "The Stuff Flounder", "Shrimp Scampi", and the "Wood Grilled Salmon"!!! Having not to say about 4 cheddar garlic biscuits and an appetizer of stuff mushrooms!!!Yummy!!!!!

There's just nothing fancy after all. I like to be spoiled once in a while but surely I am, a very THRIFTY person. You want to take me to a fancy restaurant? I'd say: "How much" not "do they taste good?" hehehe

Valentines day indeed was a happy event. Got to be with my hubby and I got him solo, he got me solo. me and him for a day! Yes that's a big deal!

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