Friday, November 28, 2008

My Introduction

I've finally made up my mind to make me a blog on blogspot. I am so hesitated at first because I got a lot of blog addresses and ended up not continuing them. I am so preoccupied with so much stuffs and just forget about updating them. Hopefully, this one would last.
It's just nice to have a blog. Like last year, I list down every single detail that happened in my life. My happiness, my worries, my sadness, and just everything. I just looked up on my blog and knew when this and that happened.
We started our snow last month of October. Not bad at all because it stopped right away. God knows how I despised snow...I hate being cold...I hate going outside the house all wrapped-up. I just couldn't remember what the exact date was but I'm glad I didn't. Snow sucks.
Yesterday was "Thanksgiving Day". I did nothing for it was my mother-in-law that prepared our thanksgiving dinner. Gosh, the dinner was so good I hardly couldn't get up. hehehe. Overall, we really had a nice day yesterday. Though there's not much to do, but we enjoyed the food afterall.
Gosh, 2 days more to go and it's December! Time for "overspending", you know what I here and there. How I wish I'll be able to celebrate Yuletide season again in Bacolod. I really missed home. It's just different here in the U.S. Before, I usually think how it's like to be in the U.S. with all that snow and fancy things I saw on t.v. when it comes to celebrating Christmas. I finally found out that "Iba talaga ang Pasko sa Pinas."

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