Monday, March 30, 2009

You guys couldn't believe that it's almost spring suppose to be but we are still under the curse of icky yucky snow here in Montana. Just yesterday, we still have a terrible snow that you can't even see the road. We actually have 6 inches of snow yesterday and melted most of it today. When I got out of the house this early morning, it's 3 degrees Farenheight. Isn't that crazy? I am just tired of this winter and I just wanted to get out of my heavy clothing, heavy socks, heavy boots and heavy coat. I missed my bike, I missed just having a walk everyday out of the house.

A picture in front of our house, storm is coming!!!

But oh well, enough for this winter drama. I am just so tired of it. But on Wednesday, we will be going to Spokane. There's just important things to do down there. I am very excited to go to Filipino market and get a lot of longganisa!!! My husband is looking forward for tamarind candy. I missed itlog na pula too and almost 4 times a week in the Philippines, I have no abscence for that egg. Gosh, I remembered my mom getting mad at me for eating a lot for she said I'm killing my kidney. hehehe, I told her, well I got two of them, im only killing one... hahaha.

But after holy week, i am going to surprise my husband when we go back to the Philippines, I had my mom and dad prepare to have our house have a little bit of renovations. My husband doesn't know anything about my plan but I am just going to keep this as a big secret. Well, he doesn't read my blogs so he will never know. hahaha..i'm so bad.


Faithy's corner said...

hi, angel! nice to hear from you again. yes, it would be nice if we can call each other sometime. para may istoryahon man ta bala haw... hehehe. i will send you my number in YM. baw, mayo lang ni gali si daisy kay galagaw-lagaw lang sa florida. :-) nahidlaw naman ko sang itlog nga pula. dugay na gid wala ko na kakaon...

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi ags..nagsnow pa rin pala dyan. buti dito di na...pero kinda chilly this morning..pero at least wala na snow dito sa IL. enjoy your weekend sis..