Saturday, March 7, 2009

BillinGs Day

This is such a tiring day but we are all so excited to get a new car. One that will fit us all. hahaha. My husband ever since never ever liked a van or a minivan and I can see in his eyes everytime my mother-in-law and I talked about how good deals we can get for a van, it's like on fire. He didn't complained about what we wanted but I can sense that he hated it. He's always fond of a big suv's such as suburbans, anything but 4x4 trucks and suvs. I like big trucks too. I've always been telling him that I wanted a hummer!!! Hahaha. Gosh they're really bad in gas though.

But today, we got a ford expedition. Everybody liked it. We will all fit in. As long as he's happy we are all happy. I enjoyed riding it all the way home.

Car shopping is really exciting. Drive testing and making a deal with the car dealers is fun. But anyways, there was this one dealer that was really so anxious about how I and my husband met. He actually called me and told me that it was not really his business but he just wanted to know how we end up getting married and how he got me from the Philippines. So I told him all about it and he couldn't believe it. He said that he dated a Filipina when he was in college and remembered how she cooked him a very spicy chicken curry. Yummy!
But anyways, all of us are sick right now. There's this flu virus going around here. I just started feeling sick today. My throat hurts and I felt like getting a bad cough. My poor Sunshine is sick two days now. And so is little Goddy. It hurts to see that the kids are sick. I just couldn't take it. If only I could get whatever diseases they have, I would rather have it than see them suffering.

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pasakay naman ako....^_^