Sunday, March 1, 2009


A lot of people are asking me about what I think of Montana.

Montana is a very nice place. If you want a peaceful, humble life, Montana is a place to be. I'm not saying that "fashionistas, socialiraz, and trendsetters" are not welcome here, what I mean is Montana is more of a retirement place. There's a lot of ranchers, people wearing cowboy hats, cowboy boots; people that ride their horses and herding their cows; sheeps...Alpacas, Lamas and Kuvasz guarding the sheeps will be seen on some ranches. This is just the site you will never think you will ever see. There are times in our lives that we came to watched cowboy movies unexpectedly and they're all true. They still exists. It is so amazing to see them riding their horses. Looked back in the Philippines, "Haciendas". Just similar in so many ways.

There were couple of times that I went with my hubby to work and in one of the ranches, there were 2 Kuvasz guarding the gates. I just couldn't help my self but petted one of them. He is such a doll. All his life, he's been guarding goats and sheeps. They fight coyotes, foxes; scares mountain lions and might as well BEARS. Bears are everywhere here in Montana. The last time I heared from my hubby when he arrived home when I asked him how's the Kuvasz...he said the owner said "He's out there working." I felt bad and sorry which I think I should not feel but dogs are man's besfriend. This dogs are working hard to protect the sheeps and goats. But maybe, they're compensated fairly for their job. Just makes my heart bleed... :-(

Montana have beautiful views, a lot of nice state parks, a lot of fishing site and most of all a nice place to hike. It is usually called as the "Big Sky Country". Why not? All you can see is the vast area of the sky everywhere! With a land area of 145,552 square miles, Montana is the fourth largest state in the United States.

The only bad thing in Montana is winter. Winter here is so unpredictable. We got a lot of below freezing temperatures and it really gets in your bones. My husband always tell me that I should be thankful compared to other states that have more snow than we have here, but oh my...who wants snow anyways?

By the way, for all of you who wants to see Montana, just go to

I just don't want to paste copyrighted pictures in my site so just being careful, just go to there beautiful website and explore Montana.


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