Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm going back to School

It's been a long abscence for me here. But it doesn't mean I already have forgotten about my blogging.

I'd been busy looking for job. Jobs that I thought would make me happy. As a General Clerk back then, I felt a little bit uneasy about thinking of going back to work on the same position. I tried to submitt applications to different companies, some responded. I'd been interviewed 2 times but I felt of not liking the job because it's only part-time. I'm looking for a full-permanent job and it was so hard to find one during this time.

The 2nd week of June when I submitted an application for a state job. I haven't heared from them for so long and I finally think that they already got a candidate. Anyways, since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a nurse. But my parents can't afford to send me to school back then. Here in the United States, I know that going to college cost a lot. So I was just talking to my mother-in-law about going back to school and be a nurse and she was telling me about her experiences as an LPN in a nursing home. Hmmm?????.....NURSING HOME??? That gave me a big idea about my dream of becoming a nurse. I tried couple of Nursing homes in Montana to where I could go to class to be a Nursing Assistant. Both replied. But only one is very near to my location.

I submitted an application last week and after 2 days they called me to set an appointment for my interview. The interview day was yesterday. But Monday, the state job called for my interview!!! I was so sad!!! It's a government job and it's a good paying job. I'd been looking forward to work but...I also thought, heck...I already forgot all about it. The Nursing Home called me first for an interview for a class so I would rather go for the training. I was interviewed yesterday and got called the same day to be one of the six students for a free training among other applicants.

I am so very happy!!!

This would be the start of my new experiences in the healthcare field that I often wonder what it feels like to be a part of it. I am so excited.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations, angel. when i talked to you on the phone, you sounded very happy and excited to be getting a job. hope everything goes well with you.

by the way, i already got a mail back from immigration approving for my renewal of green card. i was really happy and relieved that they didn't call me back for another interview. and another thing that made me happy is the fact that it didn't take long for them to give me my new green card. i heard a lot of people say it takes more than a year sometimes to process I-751, but it only took about 3 months for me.

if you have any questions about your renewal, don't hesitate to text me, okay?

God bless!